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☾✳ This is a sOng we recorded at night, in spring, in our corridor for its resonance , Anouki was sleeping, he was less then 6 months and we were not supposed to wake him so it was along other impro songs recorded quietly. CamiLLe improvised the lyrics and Gini played a traditional african harp. oOmiaq and simon dalmais were doing vocals.

Camille recorded a girl singing in Africa (a religious teen) on her minidsc machine, we decided it could match perfectly to the song (an instrumental with 2 bass guitars and analogue keys and drum machine)...

Last colors: Solen, a 8 years old girl from the next village put some improvised extra voices,
and Emma (from the band "Benjamin Fincher") played some cello...✳


si loin, le couloir, si long....

si loin le couloir,

si l'' on sort,

on avance ON AVANCE

toujours la,;, la lumiere

tout au fond

boule de feu

couloir couloir

coule coule
dans le noir...


from tipEe, released May 7, 1979



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milenK▲ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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